Newton Andersen Windows Replacement

Newton Andersen Windows Replacement

DLM Remodeling was in Newton, MA last week, finishing up new Andersen Woodwright windows. As depicted in the picture below, the finished product came out beautifully and the customer was thrilled. This job also entailed a repainted interior and a simulated divided light grid package. Simulated divided light is used to create a look of a window with multiple glass lites. We do this with the use of interior and exterior grille with no spacer between the glass panes. Newton

Check out AndersenWindows & Doors website, to get a better look at the simulated divided light. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for a better understanding.

For more information about our window replacement options, please feel free to reach out to us. We can be contacted at over the phone at 781-789-8827  or online through our contact form.




Pressure Treated Pool Deck in Stow, MA

stow ma deck replacementDLM Remodeling was happy to work in Stow Mass these past few weeks. We were able to finish up a pressure treated Pool deck last week for a family. This is a beautiful deck that will last the test of time from water and other hazardous conditions. It is also an amazing and great area for entertainment! This family has the perfect spot to hangout with family and friends while having a place they are truly proud of.

DLM Remodeling has been providing providing residents across the state of Massachusetts with exceptional decking to truly transform their outdoors into a space they can be happy about. We also have the highest quality of materials at our exposure as we have teamed up with Trex Decking. There options allow us to capture any idea a homeowner wants.

For further information about our deck work, please feel free to give us a call at 781-789-8827  or fill out a contact form

Poor Windows after Buying New Home

Throughout the years, we have had a few new home owners come to us looking for a window replacement. Many of these people have been cheated during the buying process and didn’t inspect there windows correctly or even at all. Many of the problems our customers have include:

  • Completely worn out and old windows that rattle loudly.
  • Windows that are extremely drafty and bring cold and uncomfortable air into your home.
  • Windows that are difficult to open and close and others that just wont stay open.
  • Heavy set windows that can be extremely tedious and difficult to clean.
  • High set and outrageously high heating and air conditioning bills.

Reasons like these may not be easily noticeable and it’s why it’s critical to check the quality of your windows before purchasing. Buying a home in this condition can led to unneeded additional costs.

Be sure to save yourself the hassle and time of this process! If you encounter a situation where you are blindsided, DLM Remodeling is one of best in the business when it comes to new window replacements. We offer the highest brands in the business and have some the highest skilled and quality workers out there.