Replacement Windows Job Review in Cambridge, MA

Member: Jen Giordano
Category: Replacement Windows
Work Completed Date: January 22, 2014
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $3,075.00
Description Of Work:
Replaced 5 windows in a 2 bedroom unit.  One was a three-wide double hung and one was a 2-wide double hung.  Did the same, on the same day, for my next door neighbor who lives in a unit with the same configuration.
Member Comments:
My neighbor and I scheduled window replacements for the same day.  Scheduling was tricky – he was very busy – but once we got a date, his crew arrived in the morning and got all the work done in both units (10 windows total) by the late afternoon.  They were professional and the workmanship appears excellent – nicely sealed with attractive pine moldings on the interior.  When neighbors had the same job done by a different company, they were charged extra for the removal and reattachment of exterior security grates.  DLM Remodeling was able to install our windows from the inside, without removing the grates.  Other neighbors ended up with damaged tile window sills – ours were fine.
DLM’s follow-up (for a whistling window and a window I couldn’t lock) has also been excellent.  I sent an email to the owner and he came by right away – very minor adjustments needed.  Workmanship is under a 10 year warranty and I feel comfortable that if any further attention is needed we will get it without difficulty.  He was always easily reached via phone, text or email.
A week later, my building had an energy audit via NSTAR.  The auditor looked at my windows through their infrared device and commented that, from an efficiency perspective, they were excellent – less leakage than she usually sees even for new windows.  Much better than another unit’s new windows which were installed by another company.
Since we share heat, we are going to be encouraging other units in the building to replace their windows and will absolutely be recommending DLM Remodeling.
Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality B
Professionalism A
Thank you for the wonderful review, Jen! DLM Remodeling Contractors takes pride in the work we perform and always aim to meet energy efficient standards so that you can save money on monthly heating and cooling bills! We stand by our work and wont rest until you are completely satisfied with our works visual appearance and effectiveness. We’re happy to hear this Cambridge property owner was satisfied and will recommend us! To learn more about our home improvement services, give us a call at 781-789-8827.