Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Siding

Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Siding

For so many homeowners, there is a list of things that people are saving money away for home improvements. There always seems to be a “next thing” that you’re going to do with you home. One item we want to suggest and that often gets overlooked is siding. But, when should you check out the quality of your siding? Check out the signs below:

1.) Continued Painting: High quality siding has the ability to keep its color and shape for around 10 years. If you find yourself needing to continuously paint, it may be time to consider a replacement.

2.) Rotting & Warping: Looking around and examining the exterior of your home is a great way to see if there are any underlying issues. Before you go outside, grab a screw driver to help you investigate. One thing you should be looking out for is rotting boards, or warped siding. When you find siding which looks warped, take the screwdriver to poke around underneath. If you find that their is rotting, or soft spots, replacement siding may be your best bet.

3.) Holes: This may be a more obvious and easy to find issue, but look for any sized holes. These are often created by insects and can often allow unwanted water and friends into your home.

4.) Bubbles Inside: Siding of a home is designed to keep water outside of your house. If you notice that their are bubbles forming on your inside walls, this can be a sign that water has been trapped in your siding.

5.) Mold/Fungus Growth:  Mold and fungus growth on you siding may not be the end of the world for your siding but it’s important because there could be another underlying issue. Mold growth could be a sign that water has made its way inside your wall. If you notice this, look around to see what’s causing it.

6) Dry Rot: With the screwdriver that you have with you, walk around and lightly tap various sections of the siding. Doing this allows you to check for any dry rot before there are more visual signs that appear. Dry rot is so dangerous because all the rotting occurs beneath the surface until it eats away so much that the only think left is the exterior siding portion.

7) Growing Heating Or Cooling Bills: There could be a wide variety of reasons that your heating or cooling bill has skyrocketed but it’s important that you figure out why this is happening. Look at your roof, doors, windows, insulation and siding as anyone of these could be the reason for unwanted air entering and exiting your home.

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