Harvey Window Replacement in Sharon, MA

Harvey Window Replacement in Sharon, MA

The DLM Remodeling contractors were just in Sharon, MA and we were able to capture a few pictures. What we installed for our customers were new Harvey bronze rolling and picture windows. These are two new construction windows with new composite exterior trim.








The rolling windows put into the top floor are easy to operate and very user-friendly. An easy, horizontal sliding window operates with ease on a couple of brass rollers. The picture windows are very popular in living rooms or entrances to homes, consist of one large pane of glass.

These Sharon residents got brand new windows at the perfect time. With nights getting colder and colder, reducing air drafts into your home will save them some money on energy bills.

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Harvey Window Replacement in Medford, MA

The DLM Remodeling contractors just go finished up with a window replacement job in Medford, MA this past week. What we did here was install Harvey tribute new construction windows with simulated divided lite grid pattern. Below you can check out the before and after images of the job. These homeowners got beautiful new windows just in time for the cold season. While these new Harvey windows create a fresh new look to the home, they will certainly help cut back on heating costs. The power of new windows just can’t be matched.

Fall is a busy season for the window replacement industry! Contact us today if you are interested in or would like to inquire about an window replacement job. We are happy to speak with you on the phone and come out to meet you.

Window and Door Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season

Fall is a great time of the year to check the current condition of your homes, windows and doors. With the temperature starting to drop, efficient and effective windows and doors are extremely important. Studies show that non-energy efficient windows and doors can possibly lose you 23% of energy, that is used to heat a building. Here are some helpful steps to check and maintain your windows.

  1. Walk through your house and check your windows and doors for any drafts. This can be simply done by walking throughout your house and opening your eyes. Look for cracks or leaks around the edges of the windows. You can also put your hands up next to the windows to feel for any drafts.
  2. If the problem is minor and not a reoccurring one around your home you can possibly solve the problem with adding weather stripping to the needed areas.
  3. Clean and remove all dirt from within your windows moveable parts.
  4. Make sure your windows and doors are in good condition. If you notice any large cracks, holes or broken glass, you may be in need of a replacement.

Depending on the severity of your windows or doors condition, a window replacement will seek you great benefits. Read one of our latest blogs that will tell you in detail when to replace your windows. This is the time of the year where it’s getting cold outside and is more important than ever to stay warm.

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