New Vinyl Siding & Window Installation in Newton MA

New Vinyl Siding & Window Installation in Newton MA

DLM Remodeling continues to install new siding on homes throughout Massachusetts. This week we finished up one of our latest projects in Newton.

Problems Before:

The old siding on this home was white with black shutters. This is certainly a more outdated look and the siding itself was breaking down. It had started to lose its color, and it made the house look much older than it had to be.

New Installation:

Siding: We installed a nice blue CertainTeed vinyl siding

Windows: Anderson Windows

Our team also installed a new portico over the front door. Coming up to this home couldn’t be any more different from before to after. The Newton homeowners are happy and we are glad that we could transform another home.


Bedford MA New Siding Project

DLM Remodeling was happy to give a local Bedford MA homeowner a major upgrade on their exterior.

Before Remodeling Work:

The tan shingle siding on this home was breaking down. Paint was chipping, shingles were falling off and the house as a whole had a dated look and feel.

After Remodeling Work:

Our siding contractors installed new CertainTeed cedar impression siding on the front and clapboard style on the sides and in back. This is a truly great new look.

Before & After:

DLM Remodeling provides a range of reliable and sterdy siding solutions throughout Massachusetts. To learn more about how we can help you, please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 781-223-6629 or through our online contact form.

New Monogram Siding & Harvey Windows

The end of summer and early fall is one of the best times of the year to remodel the exterior of your home. These homeowners took advantage of this time and are now ready to head into winter.

Our team at DLM installed brand new siding & windowsand paneled shutters with mounted hooks to finish off the beautiful renovation!

Monogram Siding: 

A product line from CertainTeed, this vinyl siding has a natural look of cedar.

Harvey Windows:

New replacement windows from Harvey are truly amazing. As our leading manufacturer from windows, our contractors and homeowners are amazed with the product itself.

For more information about siding or windows throughout Massachusetts, feel free to reach out to DLM-Remodeling.