New Construction Window Installation in Wakefield, MA

New Construction Window Installation in Wakefield, MA

The DLM Remodeling Contractors were in Wakefield, MA last week to install new construction windows and add new composite exterior trim to them. New construction windows are generally just like they sound, meant to be installed in new homes or new additions and are built right into the framework since the studs of the home are already exposed. However, you can still have new construction windows installed in your already built home if you are looking to do a remodeling project. This will require a contractor, like DLM, to remove the exterior around the window to expose the studs of the home in order to install the windows.

Since we needed to remove the exterior materials around the window, we obviously needed to replace them with new materials, like the new composite exterior trim that we used. This trim is a great replacement for old wooden trim and will help lower your heating and cooling bills by better insulating your home. It is also impervious to moisture and insects to keep your home in tip-top shape.

If you notice that you have problems with heating and cooling bills, insects or moisture, the best place to find the culprit is your windows. By investing in new energy efficient windows, you could actually save money down the road, rather than paying to repair the damages from moisture or insects, or paying outrageous heating and cooling bills each month. Contact the experts at DLM Remodeling to learn about the benefits of replacement windows or to get a free estimate!

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Replacement Door Installation in Littleton & Westwood, MA

The bitter winter months can take quite a beating on the exterior of your home. Winter is also the time of year that you pick up on unwanted drafts from your doors and windows that can spike your heating bills. Installing an energy efficient replacement door can make a huge difference aesthetically and environmentally. Here a couple jobs we completed earlier this week.

On this home in Littleton, MA we installed a brand new mahogany door, fully equipped with black nickle glass and antique brass hardware, giving it a very distinguished look.

For this home in Westwood, MA we installed a Therma-Tru fiberglass factory painted front entry replacement door with double side lights from Harvey Building Products. We also installed an Anderson 3000 series storm door. This project with help with heating and cooling bills, protection during summer storms and safety and security with the double side lights.

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