Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling in Newton, MA

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling in Newton, MA

DLM Remodeling Contractors were lucky enough to spend some time working indoors last week when the temperatures were bitter cold outside. Most of our work consists of replacement windows, replacement doors and vinyl siding installation, however, we also offer many interior remodeling projects like this one in Newton, MA.

This Newton, MA homeowner was looking to remodel their kitchen to not only look nicer, but also to open the kitchen up and create more space.  Our first order of business was to knock down the wall that separated the kitchen and dinning room. After the wall was out of the way, the homeowner wanted to install an island in the middle of the space to create more places for family to dine at.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Installation in Newton, MA

Lastly, we replaced their old kitchen cabinets with these beautiful cheery wood cabinets. There are two main reasons that homeowners choose the cherry wood cabinets; The strength of the wood leads to a good long term investment, and the deep dark colors are beautiful and elegant. Cherry ages very nicely and helps create a warm and inviting feel to your kitchen and will also add to your home’s resale value.

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