Harvey Replacement Window Installation in Somerville, MA

Harvey Replacement Window Installation in Somerville, MA

The DLM Remodeling Contractors spent some time in the historic and blue collar suburb of Somerville, MA. Somerville is the most densely populated municipal in all of New England and is home to some of the areas oldest and most historical houses. At this job, like many other around this time of year, the homeowner was looking to install replacement windows to help keep heating bills down during the bitter cold Massachusetts winter. The savings on utility bills wont stop there, as these new windows will also help keep electrical air conditioning expenses down during the humid summer months.

Harvey Replacement Window Installation Contractors in Somerville, MA

The DLM Remodeling contractors installed Harvey Tribute Double Hung Replacement Windows, which are top-of-the-line as far as energy efficient windows go. This Somerville homeowner didn’t just want to lower their utility bills, but they also wanted to keep the integrity of old school looking window. We achieved this vintage look by applying grids to look like the original divided lite grids on the glass.

DLM Remodeling Contractors love working on historical, vintage homes like these in Somerville and we can meet all of your remodeling needs! Whether its a simple replacement window job or a complete kitchen remodeling project, we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our services, get a free estimate or to start your next home remodeling project!


Replacement Windows & Doors Installation in Cambridge, MA

The Gentlemen at DLM Remodeling Contractors spent some time in the beautiful and diverse Boston suburb of Cambridge, Massachusetts last week. Cambridge is home to some of the worlds most renown Universities, some of the worlds most highly touted tech companies and some of the areas most beautiful Victorian style houses. These homes got their name from Queen Victoria of England, as many of these styled homes were built during her reign from 1837-1901 in the UK. American homes soon after took on this trend and style as soon as the 1840’s. Parts of Old Cambridge have some of the most beautiful homes from that era. The only problem is that these older Victorian homes are at the age that they will begin to need some renovations to assist in cutting down on winter heating bills and summer cooling costs.

Cambridge MA Replacement Doors & Windows Contractors

This home owner decided it was time to take on some renovations and remodeling projects to not only improve the homes insulation and bills, but also to improve interior and exterior looks to be more inviting. The DLM Remodeling Contractors and the home owners decided on new Andersen replacement windows with full screens to help insulate the home and control heating and cooling bills. We also installed an energy efficient Harvey solid core storm door. Harvey offers beautiful storm doors that are both elegant and efficient. They are built strong to stand the test of time, but also designed to eliminate air and drafts from leaking through.

If you are a home owner having trouble with high heating bills this winter, give the contractors at DLM Remodeling a call. We will give you free consultation of your options for Replacement Windows and Doors and what is right for your home. Fill out our contact form or call us at 781-789-8827

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling in Newton, MA

DLM Remodeling Contractors were lucky enough to spend some time working indoors last week when the temperatures were bitter cold outside. Most of our work consists of replacement windows, replacement doors and vinyl siding installation, however, we also offer many interior remodeling projects like this one in Newton, MA.

This Newton, MA homeowner was looking to remodel their kitchen to not only look nicer, but also to open the kitchen up and create more space.  Our first order of business was to knock down the wall that separated the kitchen and dinning room. After the wall was out of the way, the homeowner wanted to install an island in the middle of the space to create more places for family to dine at.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Installation in Newton, MA

Lastly, we replaced their old kitchen cabinets with these beautiful cheery wood cabinets. There are two main reasons that homeowners choose the cherry wood cabinets; The strength of the wood leads to a good long term investment, and the deep dark colors are beautiful and elegant. Cherry ages very nicely and helps create a warm and inviting feel to your kitchen and will also add to your home’s resale value.

Contact DLM Remodeling Contractors for all of your home improvement needs. We have the ability to take on even your toughest home improvement projects to help give you the home you’ve always wanted. Whether its new doors and windows to protect your home from the cold winter months or a new deck or patio to open your home up to the warm summer months, we can do it all! Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority so you can count on a professional level job every time!

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